Campus Ministry and Church Involvement

Today, I started my third year at Louisiana State University! I was excited about getting back into the swing of things including church involvement in Baton Rouge, campus ministry, and be able to catch up with a few of my friends from past classes. As I was walking around the Union, I started to think about when I was a Freshman. I remember being excited and nervous about the new experience but determined to do my best. Last year, I spoke in a college and career ministry about being involved in campus ministry and how to say connected with your walk with God while dealing with the stresses of an exam, countless projects, and being away from home. During this lesson, I was teaching to myself as well, and I would like to share with other college students who are starting this semester.

There are a few reasons why we should get involved in ministries while in college. In life, we are going to be tested in our walks with God. Crossroads are going to come, and we are going to have to make decisions that will affect our future. With being involved in ministry, you are going to be around people who serve the same purpose as you and they will help you, encourage you, and guide you throughout your college career. For example, I didn’t do so well on an exam, and I started to feel my confidence leave. I called the leader of the campus ministry I am currently involved with, and he encouraged me to keep going.

The second reason is that we need spiritual leaders that are available locally. When the Lord spoke through the prophet Jeremiah, he said, “And I will give you pastors according to my heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” There have been a few times where I have had to talk with my pastors at the church I’m involved with while attending L.S.U about some life situations, and I’m glad that they were able to give me advice on how to handle it.

The third reason is about us. It’s about us as children of God. We are called and anointed! Whether you were involved in ministry before you started or not, your involvement will help you continue to grow in your relationship with God. College campuses are missions fields. No, it’s not Haiti or The Philippines, but there are still hungry souls walking on the campuses that need something from God. As we grow as individuals through our weekly fasting, daily prayer, and reading of his word, we will be able to help our classmates and provide encouragement to them.

I hope that I have helped us understand the importance of being involved in ministry during our college years. If you want to see what campus ministries are available in your state, check out Campus Ministry International. C.M.I exists for the sole purpose of training and equipping an apostolic army that can go and reap the harvest of hungry souls that is ripe on the campuses of North America and there are a few chapters around North America

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