In His Presence


Have you ever had somebody tell you “I just have this feeling.” before they made a decision? You might have also heard the classic line “It just feels right.” I know that I have. We use it all the time. We use our emotions to guide our behaviors and to make decisions throughout our course of life. We feel those emotions in different situations. We are happy when we find out that the promotion is ours, we feel down when our favorite sports team does not win the national championship, and we feel stressed when life throws curveballs when we do not expect it.

When those emotions come, we make decisions. The choices we make in those times are critical. Some people are quick about their decisions while others take the time to evaluate each possible outcome. We all fall in either one of those categories. No matter how you handle the things that life has to offer, you can find peace. It is in the presence of God.

Back in the day, the Israelites had a tabernacle that was in the middle of their camp. Regular citizens were not allowed to get in, but only the priest could enter. Behind a curtain was The Ark of the Covenant. The articfact served as a symbol that represented the presence and power of Almighty God. Years later, God robed himself in the flesh and decided to make it open for all to enter.

Jesus knew what emotions we would be feeling in life. He was saddened when he saw the crowd weeping from Lazarus’s passing. He felt tired from the continued fasting for forty days and nights. He was happy when he was able to heal people from their circumstances and to see the joy on their face. When Jesus was crucified, the ground shook, and the force of the earthquake ripped that curtain in two. With this mighty act, he gave us the opportunity to feel peace.

Our whole life is full of emotion that can make or break us. We have had those moments where we feel stressed, happy, down, or frustrated. His presence is the remedy of it all. Every time we praise and worship him in our lifestyle, he is there. When we talk to a friend about his love, he is there. It is just up to us to follow it and let it guide us in our everyday decisions.

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”  – John 14:27

These words from Jesus are still promised today

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