What Fruits are We Selling?

Wait a minute! Church bullying? That doesn’t make any sense. Isn’t bullying supposed to just stay with the “tough guy” at school? Isn’t it expressed when I see the aggressive grocery store manager yell at the young girl who’s running the cash register?  It’s hard to believe that this exists and it does happen.

I read an article recently where a young girl was treated unfairly in the youth group. When she tried to sit with the other girls, the group moved to another row leaving her behind. When she got up to grab a book at the library, they would grab her journal and read it aloud. This girl was so depressed with those acts of foolishness, that she almost took her own life. However, by the grace of God and her mother, she didn’t.

We might not have seen something go to this extreme in our youth groups, but we have seen it happen. It doesn’t matter if your youth group runs 10 or 100, we have all seen some type of church bullying take place. Some of us accidentally do it without even knowing, including me. When thinking about what happened to the girl, I thought of the words Jesus stated, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” This girl gained spiritual weight because those girls were feeding her fruit snacks instead of fresh apples. It also made me think of what type of fruit are we giving out?

Before I go any further, I want to say that this article is not directed towards a certain individual or a particular church body. As I write these posts, I always think of how can I grow with the Christian community. We go through the same struggles, we all have the same goals, and we all love and worship the same Jesus that died for us.

How do we give out that spiritual fruit? It’s by our actions. Every word that we say, every step that we take, and every look that we give represents the fruit that comes from our tree. It’s good to know that were constantly giving fruit in our everyday lives. When the new kid in the youth group asks if he or she could go eat with you and your friends after service and you welcome them, you’re selling them good fruit. After awhile, they will get so spiritually healthy from you and your friends that they will do the same to the other new kid.

Bullying will always happen. I hate to say it, but it’s true. There’s always going to be that one kid who is picked on and the overworked employee that is used for their manager’s personal gain. As I stated before, it does happen in the church body and it is feeding people Fruit Loops and making them spiritually weak. However, we can help that new kid in the youth group that’s struggling. We can uplift them with our words, our actions, and our prayers towards them. We just have keep this question in mind, “What fruits are we selling?”

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