When the Doors Do Not Open

Remember that moment when God called you into ministry? I bet it was an amazing experience that was engrained in your spiritual walk with him. All of us have had different moments where God pushed us into his calling and purpose for our lives. Yours might have been an altar experience at a youth camp. It might have been when a visiting evangelist came to your church and prophesied over you. It also could have been a progressive call, where you just found yourself working in different ministries. Whether the experience, we all act on that call, but there comes a time where ministry hits a road block.

We were faithful. We responded to the call of God. We preached his word, taught Bible studies to our neighborhoods, and sang at different church services and camp meetings. Ministers young and old have experienced the high points where they receive numerous emails of invites from neighboring pastors, and their calendar was booked for months. Even though the high in ministry seems like forever, there is a time in a minister’s life where the low point sets in. The phone stops ringing, the invites stop coming, and the doors of opportunities seem as if they are bolted shut. This time is just a season, but it brings a lot of confusion, exhaustion, and depression. However, there are ways to handle this time in our lives.

1. Take the Time To Grow

During the high point in your ministry, you studied God’s word to prepare for the sermon that you were going to preach or the Sunday school lesson that you were going to teach. During each step of your preparation, you found yourself growing in your knowledge of the things of the God that created us. When you sang on the platform, you saw God’s presence impact the worshiper at the altar in a way that we can not even comprehend, because you took the time to prepare spiritually. During the low season, take the time to grow as you did when you were ministering to others.

The ways I would recommend to develop during this time is to read blogs or listen to podcasts that are designed for spiritual growth like from Ministry Mentorship. Watch  videos of ministers being interviewed like from Traffic Talk. Read books from different Christian writers and most importantly study God’s word. Use this time in your ministry to grow, because after it is over, you will gain so much knowledge that you can share with others.

2. Keep Your Attitude in Check

During the season, it is easy to become frustrated. It is easy to get angry with God because you know that he has blessed you with those gifts and talents, but doors are not opening. As ministers and christians, we have to keep ourselves in check with our attitude because the way we handle this season can either make or break our ministries.

You are going to see others being used mightily in their gifts. Becoming jealous or even envious of their ministries is easy to do. This is not the attitude to have. As Paul states in 1 Corinthians, “For the body is not one member, but many.”, we should be glad and rejoice in the growth and development of our friends in ministry because we are all called according to God’s purpose. Instead of being jealous of their growth, we pray for their ministries to continually advance. Instead of turning our noses up at them when they speak, we listen to what God has given them. If we keep our actions holy and our attitudes pure, God will not only grow the ministries of others but will grow ours for his plan.

3. Stay faithful

The words in 2 Timothy 3: 14-15 state “But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them; And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.” When we were younger, our parents taught us the basics. They prayed at our bedside every night, read a chapter of the Bible to us before we go to sleep, taught us to fast our favorite candy bar for a day, and even gave us a dollar to put in the offering plate as it was passed down to us. They taught us the importance of staying faithful to the basics.

During this season, stay faithful. Don’t wander off to try new things that take you away from the basics. If you are reading this and you weren’t raised in a Christian home, still stay faithful to what brought you to your relationship with Jesus. If your pastor asks you to take out the trash, honor his request. If your church calls for a collective fast, pray for what you need to sacrifice and do it. If your youth group is reading the books of Acts, still read it. Yes, ministries go through a rough patch, but it not forever. Stay faithful through this time, and you will not miss the blessings that God will give to your ministry in the future.

I know this season is hard. I know it easy to feel like your ministry is over and that the anointing from God’s spirit is gone. Here’s the thing my friend, it’s not over. God has called you to do great things and gave us seasons in life to provide us with experiences that will help us invest in our future and for the future of others. Just remember to keep the faith, stay pure in your heart and mind, and continue to seek the things of God. God has blessed you, and his hand is still guiding you. May you continue to increase in knowledge, love, and spirit.

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