The Burial: Giving Him The Pieces 

It’s over. He’s gone. You weep with the others as they lower his body off of the cross. You see Mary walk up and fall to her knees as she laid her eyes on him. One Roman soldier leans down next to her and places his hand on her shoulder. As he tries to ease her pain, the group of soilders take the body away to Pilate. As they were walking, You then see Joseph, one of the disciples, requesting to have the body back. Pilate agrees, and you walk with the others to place him in the tomb.

You help Joseph wrap Jesus’s broken body in the linen cloth and put him in the dark and lonley grave. You look back and see him moving the stone to block off the entrance. The tears come again. You try to fight them off, but you can’t. A Roman tries to comfort you saying, that he will guard his body with the others, but his words are not enough to feel the void of your loss.

You then start to have flashbacks of his life. You remember his sermon on the mount. You remember him forgiving the woman who was accused of adultery. Then a certain promise starts to come to mind. Did he say that he will rebuild the temple in three days?

Yesterday, we humbled ourselves and became spiritually broken to begin our process of becoming complete in him. We took our plans, talents, and desires and laid them out on the feet of Jesus. Now we must let him bury them to form them into his purpose.

It’s hard to let them go. It’s not easy to trust someone to use what we have. It’s our human nature, but his word tell us to acknowledge him in all of our ways, and he will direct our paths (Proverbs 3:6). As we pray today, let’s give what we laid out to him. He will take what we give him and will amaze us with the blessings he will give us.


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