The Resurrection: Complete 

You are back with the disciples. All of you are still quiet from the effects of the past events. A loud bang at the door breaks the silence. Startled you get up from your chair and run towards the door. You crack it open and see Mary Magdalene out of breath. She looks like she just ran the Boston Marathon.

She says, “He is not in the grave! He is not there!” as she catches her breath. All of you look at her with questions in mind. You start to think of the many possibilities of what could have happened. Pilate had taken the body back. A thief could have stolen it. Before you can get the question out, he appears into the room.

All of the disciples jumped back in fear, but Jesus says “Peace be unto you.” You continue to stand in amazement as you look into his eyes. You wonder if it is him, so you place your fingers on the scars on his sides and hands with Thomas. You both look at each other, and back at Jesus. He is real! The miracle maker is alive!

Happy Resurrection Sunday! It’s amazing to know that the God who calmed the waves, breathed life into the lungs of the dead, and forgave the mishaps of his people is still here. His plan was complete for that time, and now his plan for our future is ready to begin.

We started off this series with laying ourselves out to Jesus. We then gave our talents and plans to him. Now it is time to finish the process, and we don’t have to do anything but thank him in advance for the blessings he will give us. With giving him praise, your faith will increase and strengthen your trust with him. Your increased confidence will lead you to feel complete in your relationship with him.

I hope that you have enjoyed this series. More importantly, I hope that you have grown deeper in you walk with him. As we pray today, let’s continue to thank him for how he blessed us. Let’s praise him for what he will do in the future and for making you complete in him. May you continue to increase in knowledge, love, and spirit.

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