This Is Your Fight! 

Welcome to fight night! You know it’s not going to be an easy match. The press and fans have been giving you titles like Underdog and Wannabe. Their voices are playing like a radio in your mind as you walk down to the ring with your coach. He tells you to stay calm and to not worry about what they are saying. You nod in agreement and continue to remain focused as you get closer to the fight of your life.

Your coach raises the top rope of the boxing ring and looks at you with a smile. As you enter into the ring, you start to remember all the training that you have done. You look to the other side and there’s your opponent. He’s the guy that has a long history of knocking down even the most devoted boxers. The referee calls you both to the middle of the ring, explains the rules, and ask you to touch gloves. You both opt out. You get back to your corner and tell the referee that you ready. Then the bell rings.

The other boxer lands the first punch and you are taken back by how much force he had. You try to block, but then he throws another one. He then jabs you in the stomach and hits you with an uppercut. His punches force you to the ground, and the referee starts counting “One… Two….” You are dazed for a moment, but you hear your coach shouting, “Don’t give up! This is your fight!”

As Christians, we want to maintain a holy lifestyle because we are commanded to be holy like Jesus was (1 Peter 1:16). However, life is like a boxing match, where we are thrown punches from every which way. Those punches come in the voices that tell you, “Go on ahead. You can repent about this later.” or “No one will know except you.” Every time we hear that we feel as if we are knocked down and the referee is counting down the seconds we have to get up to fight again. Yes, this is our battle with temptation.

The thoughts of temptation will always be there. It is driven by our flesh to fulfill its desires (James 1:14). When Jesus was tempted, he was starving from fasting. When Eve was tempted, she was driven by a want to become like God. The thing is that when we are tempted, it’s from our desires. With that thought, it is correct to say that our battle with temptation is our fight and God is our coach who has trained us to be able to fight it.

You can win this fight by way of a knockout when the voices come again. You ask God to help you put on the armor on you that is outlined in Ephesians 6:10-18. You can call on his name, and he will come to fight for you (Exodus 14:14 and Romans 10:13). Those ways are practical, and I’m thankful that God has given us the ability to call on his name and put on the armor of God. There is another ability that he has blessed us with, and that is the capacity to say no and run.

There is no shame in running away from temptation. If you are in a place and something doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to say no and get out of there (2 Timothy 2:22). God’s word promises us that if we resist the devil he will flee from us (James 4:7) and we don’t resist his ways by just standing and staring at that temptation. Instead, we tell him that we are not going to do that and we run from it. It’s better for a person to remove themselves from a situation than having to live with the scars of it later.

If you are battling with thoughts that try to force you to compromise your walk with God, I want you to know that you are going to make it. God is on your side to fight for you. He has given you the ability to put on his armor, to say no to those temptations, and to run from those situations. In this season, you are going to be called an underdog, but that is a false statement. You will overcome even though you face these trials (John 5:4). Remember that this is your fight and that you are going to win it. May you continue to increase in knowledge, love, and spirit.

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