The Promises That Never Fade

When someone makes a promise, their words have an effect on the receiving party. When the head coach of your favorite football team says that he will lead the team to the Super Bowl, you start to feel excited. When your doctor prescribes a particular medication and promises you that it will help your sickness, […]

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This Is Your Fight! 

Welcome to fight night! You know it’s not going to be an easy match. The press and fans have been giving you titles like Underdog and Wannabe. Their voices are playing like a radio in your mind as you walk down to the ring with your coach. He tells you to stay calm and to […]

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When the Doors Do Not Open

Remember that moment when God called you into ministry? I bet it was an amazing experience that was engrained in your spiritual walk with him. All of us have had different moments where God pushed us into his calling and purpose for our lives. Yours might have been an altar experience at a youth camp. […]

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Follow My Lead

We were driving through Arkansas on the way back to Louisiana. The four of us guys were starving, and we were going to have lunch with our friends that were in a separate car. I was driving, and the passengers had their phones out trying to find the nearest place to eat. “How about Popeye’s? It’s only two miles away.” One of my friends asked. I told him to insert the address on his iPhone GPS…

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What Is My Calling?

What is my calling? This is a common question that is asked by young adults. We always want to know what the future will hold in our walks with God. We want to know what career to take, who are we supposed to marry, and what ministry to be a part of…

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In His Presence

Have you ever had somebody tell you “I just have this feeling.” before they made a decision? You might have also heard the classic line “It just feels right.” I know that I have. We use it all the time. We use our emotions to guide our behaviors and to make decisions throughout our course of life. We feel those emotions in different situations. We are happy when we find out that the promotion is ours, we feel down when our favorite sports team does not win the national championship, and we feel stressed when life throws curveballs when we do not expect it…

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