You Jealous?

It is not easy when you are willing to be used, and the opportunity is given to somebody else. I heard of a guy who was heavily involved in his local church. He was a part of different ministries and willing to serve. One Sunday night, the youth band was leading the church service, and […]

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The Perfect Moment

The community pool is busy today. You take a break from your nap and see children running across the concrete sides while the lifeguard is screaming “No running!”. As you watch him blow his whistle and chase after the kids, you see others in their lawn chairs reading the latest issue of People Magazine. You […]

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Three Lies in a Storm

Throughout a Christian’s spiritual life, they go through a season which can be classified as a spiritual storm. This storm can come in many forms like a marriage breaking apart, a death in the family, financial crisis, or ministry transition that was not planned. Either way, a spiritual storm is an event that happens in […]

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The Promises That Never Fade

When someone makes a promise, their words have an effect on the receiving party. When the head coach of your favorite football team says that he will lead the team to the Super Bowl, you start to feel excited. When your doctor prescribes a particular medication and promises you that it will help your sickness, […]

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This Is Your Fight! 

Welcome to fight night! You know it’s not going to be an easy match. The press and fans have been giving you titles like Underdog and Wannabe. Their voices are playing like a radio in your mind as you walk down to the ring with your coach. He tells you to stay calm and to […]

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When the Doors Do Not Open

Remember that moment when God called you into ministry? I bet it was an amazing experience that was engrained in your spiritual walk with him. All of us have had different moments where God pushed us into his calling and purpose for our lives. Yours might have been an altar experience at a youth camp. […]

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