The Importance of the Name

Think about a time where you and your best friend were talking about someone at your school. When your friend brought up the student’s name, your mind immediately begins to place certain characteristics to them. What comes to mind when you hear their name? Is it that they are the Class Clown, the head cheerleader, […]

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The Door is Always Open

  We all have questions we want to be answered or requests that we want to be made known. A college student asks a professor about a grade on an exam, an employee asks their boss for a raise, and so on. We look to those people for answers, and sometimes they are not always […]

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The Lazarus Situation

“Why is Jesus not here?” Mary shouted. “We need him here. Lazarus is not doing well.” Mary and Martha asked Jesus to come and heal their brother, but their request was not answered. Jesus did not heal Lazarus from his illness. Lazarus was now laying on a bed in a tomb…

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When You Can’t Find The Words

Let’s go back in time. You are sitting in your high school Chemistry class, and you are called to present your homemade volcano project. You’ve worked on this for months. You tested it out repeatedly to make sure it functions correctly. As you get up in front of the class, you gaze into the twenty pairs of eyes staring into yours. You tense up and hear Adam Sandler’s saying “T-t-t-t-t- Today, Junior!” You calm your nerves and make it through the presentation with flying colors…

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The Prayer Playlist

When I was younger, I remember sitting in Sunday School and seeing a diagram of a hamburger. The diagram showed different parts of the hamburger and each of them represented different parts of prayer. Last week, I decided to make a prayer playlist. As a young adult sometimes I find it difficult to express what I want to say to the one who created all things. I made this playlist based off of my daily prayer and had chosen songs that I felt expressed what I wanted to pray about and gave me words to say…

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