You Jealous?

It is not easy when you are willing to be used, and the opportunity is given to somebody else. I heard of a guy who was heavily involved in his local church. He was a part of different ministries and willing to serve. One Sunday night, the youth band was leading the church service, and […]

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Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself

Imagine that you are attending a seminar session at a law conference. You and your friend are both students who were assigned to participate in this meeting. You both enter into the lecture hall, scan the auditorium, and find your seats. As you start flipping through the seminar program in your hands, your friend turns to you and asks “Have you ever heard of the speaker? There is something different in the way he presents himself.” The lights then start to dim, and the presenter is introduced…

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The People Who Will Help You Through Life

Last week, I celebrated my twenty-second birthday! Throughout my years I have had spiritual moments where I stood amazed in God’s presence, I have many life moments that I had to endure, and I have had moments where I just looked back at myself and said, “I am happy that I got to experience these moments.” Even though we enjoy the good times of life, there are also some bad times that we must endure…

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